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shi group recruitment headhunterSHI Group Recruiting agency is a premium headhunter agency dedicated to finding the best candidates in the market which means their resume is true and their experience is real. Other recruiters work in a gray zone where they are careful not to ask too many questions that would clarify too much and ultimately have to let the candidate go. We know you need all the data and especially the sticky data to recruit the best. That takes us to another world of recruiting that other recruiters dare not touch.

SHI Group sees no candidate is perfect, and the search for the perfect candidate must end. We have background-checked thousands of resumes and found that 90% of “perfect resumes” are lying. Thus, we groan when we see a perfect resume because it is highly likely the candidate invented that resume instead of being that great. Nonetheless, we give you all the data on who did not pass the deep background check. Those perfect resumes usually mean we have to start searching again. Some rare candidates can come clean in the interview and then update their resume. However, we usually find that even if we catch people lying, they will not admit it and move on. Let me talk about that briefly.

What is Trustworthy Talent®?

Workers who are talented can make you money or know best how to steal your money. 72% of managers that companies hire have falsified their experience to get their positions. It is just those people who have amazing interview skills and polished resumes that always put themselves first and use every word to advance their cause. These politically skilled people drag down efficiency in our enterprises here, and it is not necessary. Trustworthy Talent® can be found and identified in every place and skill specialty. They are more than worth the effort to consistently bring on your team. Hence, we are an executive recruitment agency that gets our clients the results that are looking for. Get SHI Group Recruiting for your premium executive recruitment agency now.

Testimonials About Our Recruitment Services

The team at SHI Group takes recruiting to another level. Personal service, attention to detail, and taking extraordinary steps to make sure they not only find qualified candidates but also people with integrity, makes all the difference. My company has enlisted Jim and his team on multiple talent acquisition projects and I promise you will not find a better partner to help you with your search.

Jeff Fenwick,President - Senior ManagerAutocam Precision Machinery Company
SHI Group gave us the strategy, recruiting and consulting we needed to give new life to our venture. Working with Jim helped me in more ways than I can mention. If you are looking to get started, they can help you and you will be partnering with caring and wise people.

Albert Otto, Sigmatek, International Sales & Operations
SHI Group assisted us to place two high-level personnel at our organization. Both were professional and competent people that we highly need.  I would recommend SHI Group to place people of character and ability to anyone who asked.

TC Cheong, Taylor-Wharton, Vice President

A Headhunter Agency of Character Started Here

When I was graduating from West Point, I was concerned about how to get soldiers to obey me. I got a book on leadership that I hoped would give me a handful of skills to get people to do what I wanted. That book put me on a path to do real work and not be a fake, to do things honestly and admit my mistakes. I had to take ownership of my work and not just work for a check. I had to really care for people that worked for me, and hardened soldiers were moved by my heart to really see them. People of character all have their story that comes out naturally under our curiosity interview format. If it does not, then we feel a doubt. Usually, then, the background check will give data proof.

Good Character is a Key to a Great Hire

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Character is the sum of our decisions day after day. That book helped me make one good decision and others followed.  Guys who make decisions to manipulate, deceive, and play politics, build bad character, while the people who work on skills to do real work, build good character. Thus, when we encourage someone to come clean, they almost always will not. It is not that one thing we found, but rather our request asks them to abandon that way of living for we only found one piece of their whole life. They know they have not made the investments in that better way of life, and so defend themselves and will not come clean.

This is why training in character almost always fails. Usually, guys just learn some terminology and can fake being a great hire. Not all guys of character are good hires.

Some are just thinkers, and we need to filter them out as well.

Great hires can move from a real heart to do real work with passion and vision.

We Do Recruiting Agency for Real Data or Not At All

I once worked as a consultant at a messy American German joint venture. They had done  a lot of work on values and even had them in stylized fashion on the walls. Yet working there day after day, I was struck how the operation never worked that way. The owners had a good thought and actually good heart. They did not connect their values to the hiring process and find data to show that managers shared their vision, They assumed they could train values and found out how wrong that could go without data driven back up in hiring.

My father often said, if a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing right. Unfortunately, recruiting is often thought to be an after thought that everyone can do. We found it was a long path. SHI Group headhunter agency studied to find the path to make data king in hiring and that unlocked great hiring. Six Sigma and Lean thinking taught us a lot about deciding with data, but it has not entered into our hiring thinking enough that we talk in that way about hiring. I am sometimes surprised by hiring managers who talk about hiring like trying to get a good batting average.

SHI Group Recruiting agency thinks in a Six Sigma way to make data king and improve more and more. We are well above 2 Sigma (above 95% that is) on good first times placements.  Further, over 25% of our placements are considered great by our customers.  When we make a placement, we do not hope they do good. We sleep well as we know enough about them to make it a great hire. We hope to give you better sleep as well.

SHI Group Doubts More and Recruits Better

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At SHI Group we found the only way to recruit is to doubt everything. It is a sad truth. What I mean is when we get a resume or do an interview, we are neutral. We are gathering data that we can check. See About SHI Group Recruiting.

Further in the process, we will background check the candidate. We will take all our doubts and all our client’s doubts, and go find the real data to prove if the data the candidate gave us is real. The best candidates shine like the sun when we go to the background check. Previous bosses cannot stop talking about them.

Objective data matches all they said. Many get kicked out as our real data showed they talk better than the work.

Lying is Easier Than Doing Good Work

Have you ever thought of how easy it is to say you sold $ 10 million in new sales last year, and how infinitely hard it can be to do it? The lies begin as candidates know what you want to hear. They know you like perfect resumes, so give you one. If a salesman, they may sense you like hunter salesmen, so they act like one. The best manipulators are excellent at knowing how to give you what you want to hear for their position. These candidates, of course, are the hardest to filter out and usually end up in one company after another making trouble. Their resume will never say that of course. It is a buyer beware market, and we are quite aware.

We stop these manipulators cold. The real candidate does not have as flashy a story, but they have done real things which will take you a lot farther than the fantasy that sounded so good from the other guy. That is our way. Hiring managers make good decisions when they have all the real data. Candidates make the right decision when they have the real data as well. It sounds so simple, but it makes a ton of work for us, and I guess that is why no one does it this way. When our placement starts, the environment and productivity of your business starts to get better. They learn how you do business and succeed in making things better in all the space you give them to work.