shi group recruiting jim nelson recruitment agency executive recruitersSHI Group Recruiting started in Beijing China as SHI Group China in 2009. I had developed a strong recruiting process that proved to be the best for Western Companies in China. Look up headhunter China and you will see SHI Group China easily. Sometimes Chinese people would criticize me for noting problems in the Chinese culture and for noting 72% were failing the background check.

In truth, I always knew that the US people had the same temptations to falsify resumes and interviews. This makes it hard to consistently hire good management. An American Customer of mine lamented that we did not offer this service in America. My oldest child also went back to the US for college. So in 2022, I pulled the trigger and started a Recruiting Agency in the US, SHI Group Recruiting LLC. America is my home. I was born in the US in Bloomington, Minnesota and got my college degree from the United States Military Academy at West Point. I loved the Army, but really wanted to go deep in a poor country like China, so I moved there in 1991. Yes, it was so poor then.

The Process Of Developing a Great Recruiting Process

I was a factory GM by 1997  for a US company and learning deep lessons on recruiting and the value of Trustworthy Talent®. I worked for various US Companies in China until I decided to start my own company in 2009.  Owning SHI Group, I have recruited for a startling array of Western companies in China.  We also often placed American Talent in China for our American customers.

Now, I am glad to recruit as a North American Recruiter in my homeland.

My purpose has never been to be a common recruiter. I have never worked for a headhunting agency outside of my own. I developed my system as a hiring manager with a deep interest in hiring the right people every time and then succeeding in business.

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Recruiting For Trustworthy Talent®
SHI Group Recruiting is a recruiting company that uses our rigorous recruitment process to deliver talented people with character for your business.

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SHI Group is Finding a New Way To Do Recruiting

We are not interested in learning how Western recruiters work. I learned how to recruit for myself and then only later for others using the same methodology I used for myself.

You can call what SHI Group does rigorous recruiting or call our product trustworthy talent®. The process is deep to get all the objective data to match against the candidate given data. It is amazing to see how often the data does not match. Not surprisingly, the differences never make the candidates look better. The differences always show where the candidate’s secrets are. It a shame they could not tell my clients in the interview but chose to hide it showing how they would work under pressure.

It is a sad case actually. However, it helps us uncover many diamonds in the rough, Many candidates who otherwise might be overlooked are suddenly in the light.   A close look at these straight talking people shows people who are experts at doing real work. They prove to be people that companies never want to let go of. That is the work we do.

We did not yet develop a system for hiring recent grads. Maybe that will come later.

SHI Groups greatest expertise is in finding great leaders for companies. At West Point, I discovered this thought on leadership.

25 Jesus called them together and said, “You know that the rulers of the Gentiles lord it over them, and their high officials exercise authority over them. 26 Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant,

Learning to facilitate the success of people who worked for me also became a work in process. I gradually found gaps in each step until I had a full package of thoughts to help us find and think through which leaders would succeed and match the needs of our clients.

About SHI Group Recruiting Blogging

Not long after we started the business in 2009, I started blogging for the business and from the start I had good thoughts for anyone but most times more focused on China. So nearly 1000 pages of content later, I have even more thoughts on recruiting and the market. I like blogging and even do a personal Faith Blog on the weekends.  Blogging here for my business, I enjoy making the world of work a better place by placing the right people and sending the politicians home. I like cleaning up recruiting in the US now just like I have for Western Companies active in China.