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Our headhunting agency is a premiere agency at a reasonable price. We take great pride in finding and filtering the very best candidates in the market for your needs. What we do is not easy. Nevertheless, we love our work. We would never want to do common recruiting. We see common recruiting as find a resume, and spend 15 minutes to see if they can talk ok. Then, spend another few minutes to tell them what they need in CV. Then, they get an updated resume from candidate and pitch to client and hope.

If client wants to interview candidate, the recruiter or HR contacts to tell them how to talk to this client.

We think recruiting the right person is a hard job. If the recruiter withholds information or simply closes one eye to avoid seeing some things, then the company’s job get’s much harder. The company is paying the recruiter and cannot get their loyalty. The recruiter focuses on making a placement and quality suffers.

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A Headhunting Agency The Way It Should Be

Our viewpoint is hiring managers make good decisions when they have all the data. The problem is the hiring manager cannot have all the data under normal recruiting philosophy. We work to get that piece right. It is more work for us to get all the data. Our heart is that is the only way to do recruiting at any company. The value is so high. Having us get all the real data and share transparently with you is a powerful way to make recruiting work right the first time. Other recruiters simply do not want to know that much. Our headhunting agency is the premiere partner you are looking for in North America.

We turn that upside down and make sure we serve every need of the client in getting a good hire. It must be a true partnership between us and the client and not just one when we find it convenient. You deserve that and the best process for recruiting you can find. Come and see.