How Do I Find A Good Recruitment Agency?

how to find a good recruitment agencyThe question of a good recruitment agency highly depends on your needs and budget.

Some recruiters are about speed. They can get you three candidates in three days.  The quality is very doubtful but the speed is impressive.  Others are focused on a certain industry or specialty.  There are so many kinds.    It’s great when the website can differentiate. You can learn more about our premiere recruitment agency.

I know Google can find you someone local as well. The key is to ask them more questions. You usually have to talk to recruiters and dig to find out what their sales point is. Our website tells we are very different than other recruiters. Other recruiters you could only call and talk to sense their special strength. Some are cheaper. Many work on contingency, so you can get 6 and only pay one. This does hurt your quality as it becomes a beauty contest as each recruiter must package candidates well to win.

Some recruiters get entry level people and know where to find them. Others like us have a good understanding of management level people or are brave to tell all the data to the clients. We always do that, so are usual. Some are local in a geography. Really, there are so many kinds of recruiters.

Asking you friends for a recruiter can have some success. Do note if their needs and yours are similar.

How Do I Find a Good Recruitment Agency Indeed?

To me, google and check out recruiters by asking them deep questions is best path. Ask your friends is maybe. Do be careful with all. Lots of recruiters are just passive, and that usually will not help you much. It does depend on your needs though. Think clearly what you need in speed, quality and price and then go get it.

Google away and do not be afraid to ask hard and deep questions to get what you want. You dig and then ask them to dig.

We are a premium recruiter focused on finding talent for Western companies active in the US and China.  We could not, however, meet needs like finding college students. Most recruiters have a niche. Ours is quality.

Best to you as you search and find what you need.