Is It Worth It To Pay A Headhunter?

is it worth it to pay headhunter shi groupHeadhunters do full time what most people at other companies do part time. They do it full time as have that interest and ability in that field. As such, they have the same advantage accountants have in accounting and salesmen have in sales. They work every day for years and have something to offer.

Unfortunately recruiting is a tough world with lots of disappointments, so burnout is common. The companies that can retain the best recruiters have something to offer. The owners of such companies also have more insight on the market or would never have got into the business.

However, it definitely depends. At our one of our locations in China, we recruit for Western companies active here, and we find that the famous recruiters have lost their strength. They are clearly having trouble getting and retaining excellent recruiters. Therefore, I would say to ask around a lot to see if a head hunter finds passive candidates and treats candidates well. Then, furthermore, screens them well.

Some recruiters get people to go to interview as they paint a paradise type picture of the client. This does you no good as such people do not stay once, they have seen the truth.

So, you need recruiters who can sell the benefits of your opportunity without overselling. Other recruiters do not really understand business, so they have little sense of what you are really up to.

Is it Worth It to Pay a Headhunter? – Yes, but choose carefully

The truth is that any head hunter must have something to offer. Or they would not be in business. In most cases companies are paying contingency, so they check out headhunters very little. You must hope they treat your candidates well at a minimum. Hope they do not waste your time sending unqualified candidates. Then hope the candidates they sent are real and will prove to be good hires. Lots of risks. I would check any out more.

One United States headhunter I knew showed how he had a hundred active recruiting projects that candidates could and did apply to. It looked very impressive. Actually, it was every project he had ever done updated to recent dates monthly. All the candidates were applying to recruiting projects that did not even exist. Good headhunters do exist. Ask around and check them out. The good ones are worth the money.

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