Character Development is Doubtful

Character development takes time

Character development is doubtful and deep water.

Pete Kilner is responsible for character development at West Point. Cadets are expected to have the highest level of character in all the US Army and be the model for the world. His post which I link to below inspired this post.

The Cadet honor code is:

A Cadet must not lie, cheat, steal, or tolerate those who do.


Any Cadet who fails even once is kicked out.

As such, West Point has premium thinking on character.

Before 1976, West Point assumed and demanded absolute character in Cadets. Then the cheating scandal showed that nearly 100 plus juniors were in some way involved in cheating and many got thrown out. character development is doubtful

Before 1976, all grade point averages were listed publicly from best to worst for every class. Tests were often take home even though no sharing or book research of answers was allowed. By 1976, the character of the Americans had fallen and so the cadets failed in character.

Reforms took hold. By the time I arrived in 1983, we had honor classes to help us mature our character.Grades were not posted publicly.  So, tempting and challenging methods were eliminated. They avoided tempting and pressuring us to cross the line.

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