The Great Resignation vs Great Leadership Recruiting

great resignation vs great leadership The Great Resignation puts a lot of pressure on companies. People get pickier and often leave when you think they are committed. Do you have the right leadership for the Great Resignation vs Great Leadership scenario?

With great leadership recruiting, turnover for salary issues go way down. I think we have all heard that candidates join for the salary and leave because of the direct manager.

Well, it is even more true in this case. Finding a good boss is not easy, therefore, people don’t walk out on the good boss that easily. Do you have motivational leaders working for you?

Well, if you need one, we specialize in placing great leadership that you will never want to lose. Our history is that we are 95% successful in our placements. 25% of those placements our customers call fabulous hires.

Great Resignation vs Great Leadership- Some Research

Forbes put up an article saying workers are seeking flexibility.  HBR put up an article saying that folks are exploring now, and we should try to understand them and not see them as resigners. Many employees feel powerless to change an unfriendly work environment.

It is not easy to be an employer.  You likely know being a good place to work helps engagement and produces better returns on investment.  However, it can be hard to get there and great hiring helps but needs courage to go engage. Welcome to reach out. We dig deep to understand your needs and then dig deeper to understand the candidates.  Our filtering is unmatched and completely transparent. We really partner with you, and make sure you get all the data to be sure. We know the right one will take you far, and the wrong one is an anchor to take you down.

We are here to be your partner in the jungle of hiring.

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