Handling a Tight Labor Market

tight labor marketAlas, handling a tight labor market means higher offers to bring people in in most cases, but the bigger point is finding recruiters who think smarter and do not give up.

Having creative and persistent recruiters on staff has given us a good name. That is the first not easy step we took.

However, many other recruiters will just send you a few resumes they have on hand. If they get lucky, they collect and if not, they move on to easier projects. You are left looking for more recruiters all hoping to get lucky but none are really deep enough.

Better Ways and Better Attitude in Tight Labor Market

We unlock this question by taking the time to know you better.  That is often the missing piece. If we are not curious enough, then you will be one step closer to leaving that seat empty. However, by digging deep to find out the details of your need, we not only can draw in better people but pertinently can uncover candidates that other recruiters cannot.

The next step is to break a sweat and face the problem to uncover a hard to find hire in a tight labor market. Continuing to face it and finding a better way are hallmarks of what we do.

One other way we use is to be transparent with candidates.  How does this help you ask? Passive candidates who have decent jobs do not leave for simply a good offer. They have to believe that you are a good match for what they offer. Furthermore,  when they know more about what kind of environment you provide, they can also throw their hat in. Lots of recruiters will tell them this is a good opportunity and later they find they had wrong expectations.  Thus, you need a recruiter who builds trust by being honest. We do that, and it draws in candidates. Deceiving them may bring them in,  but they get disappointed when they start, and then they leave, or worse yet, stay, but check their heart at the door each day.

Lots of opportunity exists to get good hires even in a tight labor market. SHI Group exists to make it happen. See also Hiring A Players.


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