Hiring for Remote Work Era

hiring for remote workThe hiring for remote work era is here to stay. Now, how do we handle it? NPR notes that employees won the remote work wars meaning employees largely got what they wanted as productivity was up.

Some work is not amenable to remote work, but a ton is, and the future of remote work looks strong.

First issue is some people will scam any time they can and remote work helps. With no effort, I found instructions on how to scam slack status.

So, the first step is hiring people who want to bring their heart to work whether they are at office or remote. We specialize in finding those.

Hiring For Remote Work Also Needs Better Leadership

The second hiring question is leadership in the remote era. Some leaders who can make it face to face will fail in remote. It is definitely a higher level of leadership when more is done remote.

Can we find leaders who can soar in remote challenges? Yes, we can.

The leaders who manage by what you do in your cubicle and then move to checking your slack status when remote are the low level leaders that no one wants to work for.

The good news is stronger leaders have always measured results and not apparently lazy activity record.

Our insight in placing leaders is quite high and we spend hours with them to see who they are and how they see leadership. They are hard to interview as have more experience in being interviewed and know how to cover their tracks much better.

The good news is we get behind the interview and polished resume to find objective data that shows conclusively if they have done what the said.  The result is that the leaders we place are consistently able to lead you forward and not just play politics.  See also our Successful Hiring Process Development.


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