Overcoming Quiet Quitting

overcoming quiet quittingThe new term of the hour is quiet quitting.  The existence of quiet quitters means something is wrong. Overcoming quiet quitting should be our mantra. Let’s do it.

Being from West Point, I suggest that getting the right leadership is the key to rooting out these problems.

Great leaders create purpose, passion and engagement. They make quiet quitting go away. I suppose a company can be a little more careful in what office workers it brings in, but the real fire starters to help you are the leaders who build trustworthy and loyal teams. Suddenly, people can see why their job is important. Over time and step by step, you can see their people putting their heart into the work and not leaving it at the door when they come into your company. See Our Successful Hiring Process Development.

It is a change that has something behind it and has staying power. At SHI Group, we are leaders finding leaders rather than HR people doing so.

Overcoming Quiet Quitting With Better Recruiting

Perhaps, I am the only person to develop an HR department without ever working in HR and start a recruiting company without ever working in a recruiting company.

I do not want to have a recruiting company like all the others. I had developed my own method while leading various ventures. My heart was to have a recruiting company like I needed as a leader.  So, I made a recruiting company that could understand and care how our customers made money. I wanted a recruiting company that would make sure our customers win every time. We do that by checking each candidate very rigorously. We not only block the politicians from getting in, but make sure you have the kind of leadership you need to more you forward. See also more on Quiet Quitting Here.


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