Turnover Happens: It Is A Hiring Opportunity

turnover happensTurnover happens in all businesses. I like to see it is an opportunity. Better and more fit managers exist.

If you let a bad hire go and use the same method to replace, you can only shake your head as it is clear you are rolling the dice again. If it is unwanted turnover, we have yet to think about why we lost this one. Then we need to think how to get a better one with better fit this time.

SHIU Group is a distinctly different path to hiring. We are all about quality and faster than you are usually.

We know the path. Research each candidate deeply is certainly a big step, We would not sleep well at night if we had to hope a placement worked out well. When we place, we are certain as we dig deep enough. We seek Great Leadership and Not Common Leadership.

How We Take Care of You When Turnover Happens

However, in our search for premium placements every time, we discovered a little used path. We tell the candidate everything good and bad about you. Some candidates self select out of the pool because they are afraid of the bad. That makes more work for us. But the results on your side are fabulous. The new hire arrives and for once, he or she is not unhappily surprised. For example, they were aware they faced a deep challenge, and so, did not frown when facing it.  Also, I can note some candidates commit as finally they do not have to worry about what the secrets are. They appreciate the real data as much as our clients do.

Then the better talent we brought you does not get deflated the first day or first week. This means that we seek as much transparency each customer is willing to give. The more trouble you tell us, the harder our work is, but we are equal to the challenge. We also want to know the good things. We can tell you the nature of the pool in each environment. Note our Transparency in Recruiting.

It is true that better hires often need a bigger budget to bring in. If you make that move to put in more money, we are just the ones to make sure that money is well spent. Yes, Get A Players.

One further point, when you bring in better leaders, your cost of hiring gradually goes down as people do not ask for as much money if they know a good leader is there.




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