Talent Recruitment

shi group recruitment agencyWhile I started in China exclusively serving Western companies, we kept our eye on my home country.  Now we are glad to be able to offer our full service talent acquisition expertise with our newly registered US based entity, SHI Group Recruiting LLC for North American recruitment.

As in China, we see recruiting like no other recruitment agency does. We are totally against packaging candidates and selling them to you. We partner with you to make sure you get the right management hire the first time.  We find out much more than other recruiters even want to know and then share all, the good and the bad with you. We think hiring Managers make good decisions on hiring when they have all the data, so, that is what we do. It is a ton of work for us. However, it is a true partnership and not just the appearance of one.

Finding all the data means we find a lot of dirt that does not appear on the resume.  This causes our clients to refuse a lot of candidates we find until we find one who not only could interview well, but every word was true. That is more rare than you ever might imagine. The people we find are consistently people our customers never want to lose.

Recruitment Beyond Any Expectation You Previously Held

Most hiring managers cannot conceive of a recruiter who would kill his own candidates. We do it all the time as a regular part of our model. We have no interest in following the recruiting industry. We want to work hard and not be tricky.  We first want to ensure that each person we propose you interview is valuable. Then, farther in the process, we make sure each hire is one we can whole heartedly recommend because we knew them so well.   We will work hard to convince you to not hire some expensive people who we found could not be trustworthy. Then, we make sure you get the right person often for a lower price.

That is partnership. Oh, we also tell the candidates as much about you as we can get from you. If they know you better before hiring, they will be a long term hire as they were not unpleasantly surprised. SHI Group smiles and moves on when neither party is surprised as we have satisfied both the customer and the candidate with nothing hidden.

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The Searching Is So Hard For Our Talent Acquisition

Our method means we have to find a lot more candidates than other recruitment agencies. Furthermore, companies rarely give us easy projects. Perhaps you can imagine, that the search process requires immense creativity, deep insight about your needs, and a never give up attitude. Nothing else will do on the partnership we make with our clients. We will not take on a recruiting project that we have no confidence to complete. We are not in this business to try a few resumes and leave you hanging.  Long process or short, we are with you to make sure you have the right hire.

Interestingly, Our Interview is To Set Up the Background Check

Experiential questions are the only way to go, and we hope you ask experiential questions. The absolute best predictor of human behavior is past behavior. We ask about past work experience in detail, as details can be background checked.   Also, a person’s character can be seen through their process of learning throughout their career. People make decisions in their career because of who they are and how they learn. This process says a lot about who they are. Are they teachable is one.

We ask who what where when and how on important projects that candidates want to tell us about.  We will use that in the background check.

The Ever Valuable Background Check

shi group recuitment talent acquisitionIf you want to move forward with a candidate after you have interviewed, then it may be time for the background check. Most recruitment companies that handle background checks for their customers as well never kick out a candidate this way. They ask the candidate for a reference, and the candidate gives a name and cell phone number. They may or may not call.    If they call, they ask some softball questions and check off the background check box. The person may not even have been the boss but a friend pretending to be the boss.  It is more than worthless as it gives you a false sense of security.

If you get the real boss on the phone, will they tell you Frank is a bad hire? No, they are afraid of liability. However, because we get details in the interview, we can ask the boss who what where when and how. Then we can find out Frank was handling paper work when he said he went out and cold called to bring the whole project in. This is objective data and far more valuable than like or not like. Only objective data is valuable to the process. Also, how can you know if you are really connecting with his old boss? We must verify every source to have a check that is valid. Random unverified calls are of no use. There is nothing easy about getting the right person on the phone to verify objective facts.

Our Recruitment Expertise Includes Finding Real Data For You

SHI Group finds out a staggering amount this way and finds that 72% of people are lying to get the job offer. We share all data with our customers be it good or bad. When we find someone who is for real, SHI Group formally recommends that person as a good hire that we have full confidence in.

SHI Group can als0 find a win win salary solution for you and the candidate. We do not tell them your highest budget unless they are over budget.

We are your partner to make sure you get the right person the first time. You will not want to let go of people we find as we are so careful to check them enough.