AI Recruiting Must Be Subjective

ai recruiting Researchers say recruiters/hiring managers have bias, so they replace them with AI recruiting software who have bias and, therefore, will now be overseen by humans who have bias to eliminate their bias. Oh My.

This is actually going on and companies who use people to manage AI bias in recruiting are growing.

Ouch, AI like ChatGPT is an assistant of merit, though I am not getting help with my blog from them yet. I will tell you if I do.

Let’s Consider How Recruiters Are Cutting Staff Via AI Recruiting

Amazon worked for many years on AI recruiting and then in 2018, they threw out this recruiting software as proven biased against women. It could not be fixed! Now Amazon is firing recruiters as ready to try again.

NY state passed a law that says AI must be proven unbiased.  Um, they say not biased for gender, race, and national origin. How can you prove unbiased? Um, that could be good but we still need great hires.

What is AI for?

The primary purpose of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is to reduce manual labour by using a machine’s ability to scan large amounts of data to detect underlying patterns and anomalies in order to save time and raise efficiency. However, AI algorithms are not immune to bias.

AI must be biased to favor some resumes over others. Usually, they look at hired people’s resumes and then find people who use the same words. This is more like hocus-pocus, I think recruiting companies found ways to lower their head count, but I am not sure if quality will go up or just their bottom line at your expense.

So, AI is meant to overcome human bias, but AI must have bias to make decisions. It is programed and examines human material, so it will develop biases if it does not start with them. Learning develops our ability to differentiate. Amazon’s software gradually became biased against women. This site had good thought.Let’s see.

If the data is biased or incomplete, the AI system will reflect those biases and limitations.

it’s important to remember that it’s not a substitute for human intelligence, empathy, and creativity.

How can human data not be biased? We humans are biased whether we like to believe it or not. How could you avoid AI learning being biased? What is biased? SHI will only use AI to help us search but never just search for us. We must go much farther than the AI in our experience.

If you want AI to help recruiters, the industry will get better. If you are trying to save money, the industry will go down, Be sure, that we will not join this path soon. Quality is our middle name, and we will use our own staff with their own known biases to help you find the right people every time.  Finally, we rely on small data that shows that what they said departs from the truth. That is not AI work. You will be glad people run SHI Group for all the subtle work.

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