Beyond the Resume and Interview Needed

beyond the resume and interviewThe world behind the resume and interview helps us access the parts of the hire that make it the most valuable. If they write they are honest on the resume, it does not convince. Yet we get convinced and often for wrong reasons. Henry Ford can open our eyes a little, so let’s take a look.

“The two most important things in any company do not appear in its balance sheet: Its reputation and its people.”

Good leaders carry much that is not in the resume that proves to be of greatest value.  Teams need a certain amount of virtue, or they cannot fly.

Flying is not common to achieve, however. Training gains a blip and little more.

SHI puts a ton of focus on these unseen and non resume items. It is usually the unseen issues that count the most as Henry Ford noted so well some 100 years ago.

As mentioned, people do not generally write in the resume that they are honest, and if they do, we doubt.

And yet it is just these things that we look for and candidates seek to carefully impress upon us. If they tell us directly, we may sneer inwardly.  Yet we want to know and actually we cannot ask. So now what?

You Need The World Beyond the Resume and Interview

We must know the world beyond the resume and interview. The best interview methods going cannot pierce the unseen issues we need well. A common background check is worthless. A fact check is really not the key.

You need a deeply insightful background check with teeth. As we are in the business of making the right placement every time, we learned to and do this, every time.

The results are startling. People who seemed like dream candidates suddenly are seen as talkers, manipulators, troublemakers, politicians, and even thieves. Many times it is hard to accept as the first impression in the meeting was so strong but the evidence and insights come one by one and completely breaks the spell, and we are free of a really bad hire. Late, it leads to making the right hire who shines under the microscope.

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