Deception Plagues Business

deception plagues business


I follow Diane’s Twitter, and I like almost everything she puts up. Most people do not think of themselves as a bad person. We justify ourselves subtly.  Self Deception is tricky and captures us all. Can we see it? Facing it is critical. Few do. Thus, hiring is too messy. Deception plagues business. How many hires bring an unwanted surprise that even the candidate does not realize is wrong?

Hiring managers are easily deceived by candidates who tell them something they want to hear. Do you agree that the most effective lies contain some truth? People who do not see the darkness will spread it without even realizing it, and the hiring manager is drawn in as heard something he or she wanted to hear. Unfortunately, some candidates feel justified in actively deceiving. I had a boss who is the master of deception, but he rarely lied. Beware the company that hired him.

Deception Plagues Business in Many Ways

For example, salesman know your dream sale volume and can fluently say they sold $1M in new sales last year if that is the number you are looking for. Commonly, they have only done key account work.

Purchasing and Finance – deception damage high here and sometimes collusion makes it worse. Top leadership deceivers devastating and too common.

The kiss up kick down finance people ruin your business culture even if they are not stealing outright. It is hard to catch them and hard to believe the feedback. Thus, messy cultures develop.  It is no picnic developing a good culture with no deceptive candidates getting in. Therefore, SHI Group works hard to filter out those who are the strongest deceivers and most damaging. No one else digs like us.  It costs them too much to eliminate such excellent deceivers. They can be placed again and again.

How many candidates do you see who not only know their gaps but can talk about them openly with you?

They are usually the best hires unless of course they have learned to deceive by this act of apparent vulnerability.  Hiring is deep water, and SHI Group make it more simple.  Our front page short video shows how.


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