Empathy Makes For Better Leaders

empathy makes for better leadersBecause we are leaders who entered the world of the broken recruiting industry. SHI group often finds leaders for Companies we serve. We find empathy a key, and are glad to tell you empathy makes for better leaders.  Our definition of empathy is the ability to feel what others are feeling. Can we rejoice with those who rejoice and mourn with those who mourn?

Are we still talking about business leaders? Surprisingly, connection at the heart level engages workers better than any other perks.

You need leaders who can retain and inspire your workforce. We are all over it.

Recruiting for Empathy

How do we find it? Detailed and deep interviews have some insight, but anyone can tell a story how empathetic they are. Only our deep interviews to set up our insightful background check can get you the person that you see in the interview. What I mean is; we eliminate the unpleasant surprises for you when the candidate starts and unpleasant surprises for the candidate as we seek to tell them the whole truth about you as well.

A matching thought came up. We clearly seek candidates who are transparent and place them with customers who are glad we will be transparent with candidates. The two make for candidates that are a great fit. Now, back to empathy.

Empathy Makes Great Leaders and They Often Aspire For More

Leaders with empathy often aspire to Servant Leadership thinking which we also highly regard. That servant leadership link is to my China business site. There is a lot there you may also enjoy.

In our mind, it takes leaders to find leaders and our team has that. We are not HR people who started a Recruiting company but line leaders who saw a problem with the recruiting industry.

SHI Group likes to find leaders with empathy and a lot more for our clients in the US.

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