Every Company Has Values But

every company has values butSome companies have no values statement. Some have them on the walls and on the web site. Yet, all of them may only have unintended values. Some companies disdain clearly stated values, but they and every company has values, but usually not intended.

Companies may post values like Integrity, Accountability and Respect,  but they operate under Fear, Politics, and Expediency. How could companies that have intended values that are so positive, yet actually live by such unintended values?

The first step in establishing values for a compony is owner of the values has too live by them. No amount of talk will overcome decision making that defies the values. Decision making and actual behavior will develop clear if unintended values that everyone will gradually eschew too.

Every Company Has Values But Hiring Is a Big Gap

The second step is hiring where values are rarely mentioned and almost never are held to. Hiring is often done by unintended values of expediency, perceived talent, and delay. Furthermore, what company has a plan to ensure hires have a value of integrity, honesty, or trust? Often, companies assume. That is a shocking thing that gets left to assumption. Training people to be this way is actually just politics training as no one at core will change in such training. When the chips are down, true values appear, like in hiring.

People who lie to get a job will definitely lie to get a raise or make a sales forecast. Deceit may be even more prevalent.

SHI Group looks at your values and tries to discern your actual values. We find clues in the interview and find clarity by our deep background check.

When you hire people with integrity and teachability, they will naturally build your culture of say integrity and teachability. Any one hire in management that does not ensure this will lead toward poisoning of the culture or unresolvable team problems. Cultures tendency to downward pull is considerable while upward pull needs careful placement in management especially.

With Focus and Diligence We Found a Lot

SHI Group found that values focus unlocks many if not most of the problems in hiring. Then, we found a way to get there to be the best quality recruiter you can find. You pick up intentional values along the way as a major byproduct.  With the values you want working with the right hires, your turnover also dives if you have ensured top flight leadership in the process which we also cover very carefully and talk about here and here and here.

Shi Group is glad to be one of the only recruiters unlocking the values puzzle with great benefit for our customers.

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