How Can We Improve Rep of Business Executives?

The rep of Business Executives is so low. SHI Group want to fix that. Here are the 5 lowest of 18 professions listed by Gallup. Take a look at whole article.

rep of Business Executives

It is not very good company for Business Executives to be teamed with. How executive reputation get so low?

Tons of Americans work for Business Executives, and the chart above is what they say to Gallup confidentially.

Rep of Business Executives Can Be Improved and Your Business as Well

I said at the outset that SHI Group aims to fix this problem. How? We find out in our rigorous recruiting process who the politicians and the fakers are and make sure they do not get hired as executives with you.

I guess you can say that is our contribution to fixing the bad reputation of business executives.

Executives make the boldest lies and talk to so smooth. It is no wonder they get hired and are giving us a bad rep in society.

We see the need to interview deeper to find the real person and for checkable details.   If in a 90 minute interview, we cannot get the candidate to let his or her guard down, then we already have this candidate half way out of the process. If a candidate is always “on stage” then we have little hope for knowing what they will be when alone or no boss in sight. However, we withhold final judgement in such cases until the background check which will usually confirm our worst suspicions. We, then, hand that data over to our clients, and they agree to let us withdraw the candidate. See our video on value of data.

It may cause the process to be a little longer, but the results are golden. The right guy makes everyone stand up and cheer. That is our job and our commitment.


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