How Politicians are Formed in Businesses

How politicians are formedPoliticians are the bane of any business. How does it happen? Who sees how politicians are formed?

Pete Kilner works in Character Development at my Alma Mater, West Point, and posted these wise words:

“And often, too often, we sigh and go along. Over the course of time, the small concessions we make to please our friends (at the price of our principles) develop into a routine, a pattern, a character. People who ‘habitually violate moral norms often reach the point of not knowing what is right, because they are likely to resort to rationalization and close their eyes to the truth in order to subdue their guilt feelings without reforming their lives,’ point out ethicists Grisez and Shaw.”

SHI Group Sees How Politicians Are Formed

He makes his point well. SHI Group also find it to be true. People who begin to lie to get a job tend to lie to get the next. When we catch them when they are managers and ask if they want to confess anything, they almost always say no. They have too much of who they are invested in this path and cannot turn back. They have become a politician and have those skills rather than the skills to do and say real things.

They, like Pete says, have made one lie into a pattern which finally becomes their character which they will be loyal too. It is a sad tail that repeats itself all over in the US market place again and again.

The good news is some people value their character and their real work even if not glamorous because it is real. They do not have to rationalize or live in fear of us discovering . They have reached higher and specialize in doing real work rather than becoming a better story inventor.  We filter to find them for you.  See also Character Development is Doubtful.



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