Is Your Business By Law of the Jungle?

business by law of the jungleWe think business by law of the jungle is one where the trickiest get ahead. That happens too often inside US companies. Is that happening in your company? Have you heard of Kipling’s Law of the Jungle? It puts a different spin on it.  Pete Kilner posted about the quote of it, and I put the quote here:

The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack

Another great quote is found here:

 Iron sharpens Iron

Once you commit to finding people of character who are definitely on the right path with you, your success starts to rise. When you keep hiring to get lucky, the examples of good people around you thin and your whole team starts to get pulled down. See also What Kind of Recruiter Do You Want?

It is the jungle if you hire without knowing who each person is. But your jungle starts to be workable when you get talented people who are also people of character in each hire. The problem is that in the jungle we are often not sure which is whom. The key is to guard the door, and SHI Group passionately helps you do that.

SHI Group Improves Your Wolf Pack in Business By Law of the Jungle

SHI Group has worked hard to get better and better at sorting out who will make the quality of your team better. We have to find out the last ten years of their work history to get all well. Any less and the jungle starts growing in the wrong ways.  We love to make sure you get the right hire every time.

We see that when the wrong people get on the team, then the jungle growth begins.  Then, the quality of the whole team goes down. If the top position goes to a jungle maker/politician, then the loss is dramatic. It happens too often as these people are the most experienced in resumes and interview.

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