Jobs Are More Than Work

jobs are more than work

Hiring is important for every business and a big choice for candidates as well. Jobs are more than work, so how do we view hiring? How ought we to approach it?

We surely need to invest more in understanding candidates and also to let them understand the company they are trying to join. Even if they do not join your company, they will tell others in your industry.

The recruiters represent you whether you like it or not. How do they see candidates, and how do they treat candidates?

Now, beyond Employer branding issues, what are you doing to make sure this is a great hire that you can keep for a long time?

If you say resume then interview and make offer, I hear you. SHI Group found we need more to even dent the surface on knowing candidates well enough. We feel rolling the dice is not the right way to build a culture or protect a business.

Jobs Are More Than Work and Need To Be Treated Different

We think spending 4-6 hours in overall process with a candidate is a good start. How can you know if you want to work full time for years with someone with less time?

We get to know a candidate and either retract candidates who are not who they say they are, or formally recommend candidates. We still suggest you spend an hour, but we hope you can have confidence at end with all the data we find.

Recruiting is just that way. Whoever has the best data will come away ahead in choosing the right people.

SHI Group works tirelessly in this direction and through our 13 year history have an over 95% success rate in placing good and even great talent.

We love doing what we do as can sleep well after we place a candidate. We hope you can sleep better and for our good reasons reasons and not blind hope. We know that jobs are more than work and deserve our best.


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