Leadership Qualities You Need in Hires

leadership qualitiesIf you google “leadership qualities,” you get a long list of answers. Google actually lists their own answer without needing you to click at all. We paste their list below.

2 of 15 are about honesty.    It is a good list, and not surprisingly it puts integrity first. Then on down the list, they add transparency.  Transparency is openness but it also means you are hiding nothing. Without integrity you cannot have transparency.

Leadership Qualities

  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Confidence
  3. Inspire Others
  4. Commitment and Passion
  5. Good Communicator
  6. Decision Making Capabilities
  7. Accountability
  8. Delegation and Empowerment
  9. Creativity and Innovation
  10. Empathy
  11. Resilience
  12. Emotional Intelligence
  13. Humility
  14. Transparency
  15. Vision and Purpose

Nice list.  Every company would come up with their own list and their own order, but I guess we all would be rather close to this list. SHI Group thinks if a candidate told us stories to show any of these 15 traits, that we would want to background check to see if he for she really had those.  Important facts or leadership qualities are most prone to cause people to lie. You may also like Quality Leadership makes Quality Products.

Leadership Qualities When True are So Valuable

So the king is still integrity, honesty, transparency or whatever you want to call it. Without integrity, there is no real leadership or merit, and all apparent leadership qualities may just be a facade. So Integrity is listed first on almost all lists we can find.

Companies who want to get this right  seek out the King of Trustworthy Talent®.   SHI Group has found the secret (and and has the commitment) to getting integrity with every hire and not just a lucky few. See also Three Leadership Traits for Growth. This commitment costs our customers nothing but gets them an over 95% successful recruiting and gets them over 20% great hires.

On the issue of each company having their own list of leadership qualities, SHI Group sees it as our job to dig out even your implicit needs in leadership qualities. Leadership is so valuable in any company and actually in any management position. You need to make great placements each time to increase you success, and that is just what we do.  So, while we see integrity as required, we still find those others qualities that are needed to meet your specific company needs. See also A Forgotten Leadership Principle.

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