Let’s End Aggravation at Work

Let's End aggravation at workWe all want our workplace like above.  However, aggravation seems to be a common part or work. However, I think you may agree that aggravation should not be part of work. The contradiction between what should be and what is bedevils many companies. So let’s think together.

Generally, people problems are at the core. So, some companies see more headcount adds more aggravation. In truth, at many companies this is the case. Why?

I see that politicians abound in the work place. Seems very hard to keep them all in D.C.

In hiring 10 people, you will get a few politicians and a few others who can be enticed in that direction. Aggravation starts when things are not as they seem or when you have to be careful what you say.

SHI Group people have worked in those aggravating places and do not wish it on anyone.

Working to End Aggravation at Work

Thus, we do rigorous recruiting and leave no gray area. We choose to doubt as our doubts have often given us surprising negative results about how far people will go to invent a story that gets them a job offer.

Doubting is healthy and leads us to find objective data.  Some boss saying they did not like Jerry is not objective data. If the Jerry said everyone loved him and did not want to go, then this boss saying he fired him would be objective data denying Jerry’s statement.

Many times people whose bosses fired them will make that experience disappear from their resume. Then, they will extend another work position they had to cover that time. They lie like that to get into your company and lie to stay in your company.  People who work with them will be aggravated.  Placements higher up in your business who are politicians are the most damaging and create the most aggravation below themselves and with coworkers. They usually know how to manage the boss.

We find real data and hand it to you. We do that so you can make great choices in the light of day. That is the way hiring should work and the way to keep politicians in D.C.

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