Let’s Solve Silo Trouble

SHIsolve silo troublesSHI Group is totally on the spot to solve silo trouble. We attack the problem at the root. We also think most training to resolve silo problems is a waste of time.  SHI Group Recruiting attacks the problem by getting proper leaders who are 5 Dysfunctions of Team smart to make sure that the noise and poor solutions are resolved.

Proper leadership eliminates silos. Silos happen because top leaders are not engaging low level leaders. Furthermore, low level leaders are not connecting with other departments well as just want to manage their own department as a fortress. Why do we hire and support such leaders?

It is all unnecessary. Gray market recruiting is when recruiters find and pitch candidates and effectively hope to get lucky. SHI Group sees how a lack of good data (See video)leads hiring managers to make bad decisions.

Our goal is to make hiring managers look smart and make silos history. We want to make recruiting a science that does overcomes the present baseball average recruiting where wrong hires stay and make everyone miserable as companies lack hope that further hiring will produce any change. It is no wonder when each hire is like rolling the dice as data is critically incomplete.

Solve Silo Trouble At Its Source

Politics like silo development is not bad luck. Proper leaders and managers do not act this way with anything like healthy hiring of on the mark grade A leaders.

You cannot contact a candidate and ask if that contributed to silo’s in their last company. They will not list that they did not act as a politicians in their last assignment. Have you ever seen a resume where the candidate says they are honest? Why not? You would not believe him or her? Of course not, but id they do not mention their honesty, you assume they are. Sorry to say the logic drops off here.

It does not have to be that way. Our rigorous recruiting filters out trouble makers and identifies the gems.


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