Make Each Hire Count in 2023

make each hire count2023 may not be an easy year, so let’s make each hire count. What would you want in a recruiter to make each hire count?

At SHI Group, we have a better than 95% average in hiring the right person the first time. What do we do?

First, we seek to deeply understand how our customer’s businesses make money, and what kind of culture it has and seeks. Then, we want to know about the hiring manager to find a better match for him or her.

Furthermore, at SHI Group, we have a deep understanding of leadership recruiting and how true leadership develops and works. We know how to dig to find out how leaders tick.

Then of course, we choose to background check all and deeply at that.

We do not tack on background checks as that leads to shallow discoveries.

What we develop and use is an integrated process where each step informs the next step to produce a near certain outcome.

Finding a Better Way to Make Each Hire Count

We like our work. SHI Group is not like other recruiters and in fact, we have never worked for other recruiters. We have our own process developed form line manager experience as to what is needed and useful. I worked as an Army officer, Factory GM, Consulting business leader, and Regional finance company director before I decided to start my own company just focusing ion recruiting, I did this as my success in each business came from making surprising successful placements with people that others would have overlooked.

The result is a recruiting company that is based in hiring manager needs.  You need to make each hire valuable and indeed make each hire count.

Because we virtually eliminate the risk of a bad hire, we also dramatically increase the chance of hitting one out of the park. Fully 25% of our placements wow our customers.

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