More People as Asset or Problem?

people as asset or problemMore people as asset or problem is a real question with some very different answers.  Lots of companies I see make me totally agree that more people is a problem. Politics and confusion reign to one degree or another. Any chat with a manager brings out the mess.  Each new person is an additional headache to add to the pile. This is true as even good hires can get pulled into the vortex heading to ambiguity.

However, some companies add people, and it is a true asset. Each person can speak their mind and each person knows their place and is glad in it.

It is surely hard to gain that great culture. SHI Group recruits just to help companies build that great culture one placement at a time. The closer to the top each placement is; the faster the transformation comes.

So, More People as Asset or Problem?

In every company of 10 or more people, there are many people who will just go with the flow. They are deeply influenced by the environment you put them in. Often they work for years and never bring their heart to work. If the environment is political then they are political.

Usually less than half the management are change agents. Most are change against the flow or not with the flow company flow. They do not say it openly, but in their heart they are aiming a different way,

Can you see why politics happen everywhere? The key is to guard the door carefully so no one can instigate that culture and drag people in unawares.

Many companies could reach higher if they knew SHI Group would transparently protect them.  We, further, help them fly with the right top talent who have both the character and the skill to take you higher.

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