Openness in Recruiting For All Sides

openness in recruitingOpenness in recruiting can make the world a better place. We have done it, and we confess to it’s value.

Openness means the boss knows all pertinent information for the hire. It further means the candidate knows.

Why do I make such a big claim?   Would we not think peace on earth would make the world a better place? How does openness get such a glorified status?

If bosses would tell managers in the interview that they will never talk to them this much again, then workers would not join their compony and be happier and then spread happiness. It also vastly improves collaboration.

If owners would get rigorous recruiting, they would never make the above named boss a boss over that piece of their business. With rigorous recruiting, they would know in advance how terrible this boss will be and not hire them. The boss could end up never being a boss again and the world, not to mention your business will be in a better place.

Openness in Recruiting Solves Big Problems

How much pain and suffering is caused by politics in businesses? Then, people take this suffering home, and their families suffer. The world becomes a worse place even in the next generation.

Why don’t we work harder for openness? Companies use short term thinking too much here. We do not want to lose a candidate, so we cover up something, so the candidate does not know. How does that harm the candidate and influence all his work at the company? It is short term value and long term cost as candidate who has been cheated loses engagement and often looks quickly for other work.

More often, the candidate covers up inconvenient truths in their resume. Openness would not show them favorably, in fact, their manufactured resume is not true. It happens very often. Any of you who have been unemployed and needed a job know exactly that pressure and how great are people who face it down to tell the truth. Those people are not politicians, and they focus on real achievements and not lying better. This makes for better profitability and happiness.

Our 14 years of focus in this bears it out. People with specific functional experience who hold t0 the truth are people you will always want to hold on to.

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