Preventing Employee Fraud at Source

preventing employee fraudSearch Google and you can find many ideas relating to preventing employee fraud. I found one good website that gave 10 ways. Unfortunately, the crooks will definitely study that web site as much as company owners. I, thus, think it is a hard problem. I was a US Army officer long ago. Many older officers had guerrilla war experience. They gave me the sense that it is much easier to find a way to blow up a truck than to keep it safe all the time.

Thus, the key was to get people to not want to blow up the truck. Or, we could say mature people so they see the truck and its inhabitants did not deserve to be blown up.

Businesses are like this too.  Only our truck is our capital. We do not want to simply preserve it most of the time. We want to preserve it all the time.  I see two ways to succeed.

Preventing Employee Fraud Has Similar Needs

One is to not hire people prone to fraud. We must keep in mind that little lies are a sign of what will occur later that is bigger. SHI Group by finding these little lies has protected our customers for nearly 14 years.

The other point is we should trust workers but not tempt workers. We should have good systems. However, like the soldiers in war, we need to treat “the locals” with deep respect, so they do not want to harm us. What I mean is you need to hire leaders who make workers not want to commit fraud.

We are very good at finding just those kind of leaders who are trustworthy as well. SHI Group researches to make sure as see you need both.  The right leader can make people internally turn against the wrong doers and uncover them. I have seen it done in businesses I have led. We have placed leaders just like this often. See also Some Better Insurance For Your Business.


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