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rigorous recruiting worksThinking through managing a factory start up got me started thinking in 1997. I could hire lots of people not being real in their efforts to get a job, and then me mixing all that not real together. I felt there must be a better way. With that start, (See video description here on our other site) I began a path leading to starting SHI Group in 2009. We were ready in 2009 and placed spot on candidates from the very start.

We had a couple of rare missteps 2013-18 that helped us think of more gaps to fill. Then, all clean sailing. Yes, rigorous recruiting works, and it makes us smile.

We do not throw mud at the walls and see what sticks. SHI Group looks deep and doubts all to get to this level. In a 90 minute detailed checkable interview, that is a lot to doubt. We know a lot about doubting and clearing and confirming our doubts now.

We do not know any other recruiters who work in real data (see video) as opposed to doubtable data.

Rigorous Recruiting Works and is a Lot of Work and Insight

The results are admirable. We sleep well at night and our customers sleep well at night because our doubts have been thoroughly cleared. We trust for good reason and not as a hopeful principle. We know, and so do our customers.

From the first contact with a candidate till, finally, we formally recommend someone as real and capable is a rigorous path indeed.  A lot of effort is to find out who someone is and then discover who they are not. Then, we have these behaviors that are more clearly measurable. We need them all: the measurable and unmeasurable.

Our recruiters can dig this out and then bring real to the light of day while showing that some things said did not happen at all. A true picture emerges, and a great hire occurs each time.




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