Small Business Hiring Wreckage

Small business hiring wreckage

It is hard being a small business and getting the right hires. Cash flow is tight and paying for recruiting is often not in the budget. Also, recruiters will not usually protect you from the real trouble makers. Thus, small business hiring wreckage happens too often.

I knew a small business that needed to expand or die in the face a greater competition. It hired from an application that came in. It was simple and cost almost nothing. the person offered more connections to his team which is valuable. His resume showed he had good experience just where they needed it.

However, he expensed way too much and did not bring in new business as promised and 6 months later the owner had to let him go.

Unfortunately, people who walk in the door or respond to a LinkedIn request for candidates may not be who they seem to be. Way too much is assumed.

Important hires can make or break a small business. They must be right the first time, and be who they say they are.

More Small Business Hiring Wreckage

One guy hired someone who was like a partner with him, and the guy walked away with enough money to sink his business.

I wish life could be simpler. My own Dad’s business long ago suffered again and again from this problem. People are good at presenting who you want to see, and those are just the people who make the most trouble for our businesses.

My business never gives up and finds the way to get the the right hire. This is two special services. 1. We keep going till the job gets done. 2. SHI Group makes our life harder by finding real data that usually kills candidates that our customers otherwise would have hired. Real data leads to correct hires. See Video on this topic.

We love our work and glad to bring it to you.

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