Some Better Insurance For Your Business

better insurance for your businessBusinesses have insurance for fire, theft and liability to name a few. My Dad sold insurance, and I would not say any of this was bad. We provide a different, perhaps better insurance for your business.

What are the risks of hiring? Corruption, negligence, laziness, incompetence, lack of team play, politics and more.

Can traditional resume and interview protect from most of these problems?

I suppose you could try to buy insurance for some of these, but it will not help you with most of these. So how do you insure yourself from these kind of harmful hires?

In regard to this, I puzzled on these a lot when I managed various businesses. The standard model led to so many bad hires and so much strife and loss in business that some people even think AI will do better.

SHI Group see that hiring people is dynamic and needs better insight.  By carefully working through the pitfalls of the whole hiring process, I developed a method that both works and gets companies coming back for more.

Particularly, in the insurance problem,  our process protects you from the downside and ensures the top side in hiring. See also Hiring A Players For Your Business.

Better Insurance For Your Business In Hiring

Our specialty is quietly doubting everything we get from the candidate. We have found that everyone can tell a good story of what should happen, but few can actually make it happen.

We are able to connect the dots between these doubtful engagements and match them against objective data to create great hires again and again.

Knowing which dots and how to how to get the right objective data is how this process of our work insures our customers.  We are some of the best insurance you can imagine in the business world. Hiring needs more attention and we found out how.

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