The Importance of Great Leadership

importance of great leadershipSHI Group has seen the importance of great leadership and bad leadership. I think you have as well.

Great leadership changes everything under their management. They draw out the best in people. They gain all collective wisdom of the organization and therefore make better decisions using all the data. This can impact both tactical and strategic decision making.  This kind of leader also inspires people under themselves causing people to want to follow them rather than simply must follow them. They hire top flight talent under themselves as seek the success of the whole. This is popularly called servant leadership.  The great leader also captures the essence of the owners needs. It leads to great results.

Each company has different needs for their leader given what they need to accomplish. Most have to manage P&L successfully.

The success of a great leader has a huge impact and therefore needs more attention.

Are we ready to make a science out of placing great leadership rather than just being happy about getting lucky?

Learn more clearly the key aspects that made a hire successful rather than key words he or she used on this resume. Also, think how your situation is different.

Given the Importance of Great Leadership – Let’s Find

Then, no more aspirational JD’s. Centrally, list 3 main things you want this hire to accomplish in the next year.

Then search for people near your industry that can do that for you

Interview each candidate for over an hour. Do your best to draw out true and accurate experiential information. Check against the list of three needed accomplishments.

Why do I say over an hour? It is the same reason coaches ask you to name 5 options. Anyone can name 2 to 3 options, but five forces them to be creative. Something is to be gained from going deeper. Something is out there if you dig that deep. This is not chat for an hour. It is 60 plus minutes of being curious about the work experience of a candidate.

Normal recruiters do not do this. They just check boxes and ship. 15 minutes seems long enough. Shorter is better. It is not easy to catch the vision of getting the right people every time.

We see another path and will never leave it.

When you have some candidates you think you can hire, check out everything you can check in what they said over that hour. Any big or measurable claim should be checked.

It is hard work and takes a lot of time to do recruiting this way, It also takes a certain insight as well. Many companies turn to us to find and learn all about these candidates.

We do this work from search to placement to make sure each placement can help us and our customers sleep better.

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