Three Kinds of Hires – An Important Distinction

3 kinds of hiresThere are a lot of ways to classify kinds of hires, but let me show you three kinds of hires to help you think more clearly.

In your organization, you have three kinds of workers:

1. Those who are really with you in vision and passion
2. Those who are floating and neither with you or against you
3. Those who are against you whether purposely or accidentally

First Group in Kinds of Hires

The first group may not have a lot of flash, but they are gold. They have caught your vision and have passion to make it work. They build teams and not cliques.  You can build a company as the percentage of people you have like this grows. Most companies have some people like this and often do not even know how valuable each is. SHI Group successfully puts all our placements in this space.  (Sometimes bad leaders above our placements make them become floaters)  Our careful system makes us the most successful recruiter. Imagine having all green.

See Sincerity-The Forgotten Leadership Principle

Second Group

The second group is usually the biggest group. These people are not pulling against your lead, but are also not passionately on your lead. They are punching a clock.  Over time, they can become group 1 or group 3 people depending on how you lead. Winning them is critical to the passion and vision success of your organization,

Third Group

The third group has values and/or vision that are different than yours and going a different direction.

I see this again and again and usually the leader is not explicitly aware of the true impact. I know one company where a senior leader seemed committed to the company. In truth,  he put himself before the company. He secretly demanded personal loyalty from his workers and even protected bad managers who offered perfect loyalty to him above all. Everyone was using people inside and outside the business according to the example of this senior leader. This leader seemed invaluable to the business and they felt he earned them a lot of money each year. However, he also caused the culture to be an opaque business culture that attracted less upright workers. These kinds of people will corrupt the floaters.  See also Hiring A Players.

3 Kinds of Hires Needs Understanding

The impact of this third group of people holds you back from greatness. They bind you to themselves while they pull against you each day. Any organization needs to identify these people and need to let them go. Many companies do not dare to let these people go as they make themselves appear invaluable. The business needs to face the loss and will find a better day once they let these ‘invaluable’ workers go. Actually, the loss is never as great as leaders imagined when we recruit for you.  With other recruiters, you roll the dice, and it could easily happen again. 

Most often, however, the company will not move them. They are usually stubborn in how they see the company should be run.  However, the company needs to let them go and as fast as possible. On another track see Hiring Fast, Hiring Slow.

Strengthen the hand of the first group at all times and gradually you can win the second group. Then you can unite the organization in one proper passion for the success of the company. Only consistency will win the passion of the second group. If you do not win their hearts, then they will be driven toward the various forces of people in the number three camp.

How would you see what you are facing in your workforce? Do you know which people are actually against you? See also What about Perfect Resumes?


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