Top Management Hiring Much Harder

hiring top management hiringIt is harder to get great top management hiring as they are better at interviewing and resumes and more.

More junior hires are not usually as savvy though the worst hires are savvy even when young.

The senior hires are a whole new ball game. Almost all of them are savvy, and they have a lot more to hide. How many senior leaders have a perfect record through say 20 years?

Unfortunately, over 80% are pretending to be perfect. However, in an imperfect world no one is perfect.

We often interview senior leaders for two hours to get details and gain understanding of each candidate. Many times those details help us as we check to see if this candidate is really perfect.

Top Management Hiring Hard but We Know How

Usually, we find that they have covered up key details in their history, and not just one. These senior leaders have gone from one company to the next and kept covering up whenever they needed. When they work for you, all the covering continues and drags you down. Without real data, politicians develop and harm any company.We turn to real data to make sure you have a true picture of each senior leader we propose. It is no easy trick to get real data. But the value is high in senior leaders.

We block the path to your company of people who spent a lifetime perfecting cover ups and appearances instead of learning to do real work and develop real relationships. They also never cone clean with their failures so they continue to occur. The best learning comes when leaders stop denying their failure and turn around. We find it very rare. The facade is popular, and we find it hard to get real data.

However, we know it is critical to your business, and so find the data. Then, you can make the right decision in these high level placements.

Getting high level hires with SHI Group Rigorous Recruiting.


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