What Kind of Recruiter Do You Want?

what kind of recruiter in 2023Now, New Years can be a good time for a Resolution. How about a resolution to get what kind of recruiter you want?

What would that recruiter be like?

How about a recruiter that posts your position and then just waits to see what happens?

Interestingly, we have found that gets the very worst kind of candidate. Why would someone who chose to apply to your company be the absolute worst candidate?

People looking for a job will apply to every position they can whether it is really suitable or not. They need a job, so they are hoping to get a good one.  Long, long ago, I read a book by Jack Welch, and thought I would be perfect working for GE. Is that enough to be a good hire for GE? Certainly not.

Any company has very specific needs and some guy pretending or even believing he has what you need will not be the hire you need.

What Kind of Recruiter Do You Need?

So, would getting a recruiter in your industry help?

Surprisingly, no. The best candidates they already placed, and if they plan to steal the candidates they placed, then they will steal from you as well. So. getting a recruiter out of your industry can be the right call. Of course, then they would have ti be much more diligent than most recruiters.

This seems crazy to go to recruiters not in your industry, but we also we see another problem. Recruiters in your industry have some extra people lying around, and they would be glad to sell you those.

We have found that our customers needs are actually very specific.No one would have in hand exactly what they need and no one will notice the character of the placements outside of hoping. SHI Group solves both by our diligence and deep background check. It may be time to give us a try and make sure you get the right hires for your company and lower the politics.


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