What Use is a Resume?

stable work history what use is a resumeFor years recruiting has had a bad reputation. At base line, what is a resume? A resume is a piece of content a candidate prepares to try to convince you to give him or her a job. So, how trustworthy is a resume? Not too, now AI will parse resumes and say who is best. However, when candidates find which key words they need, they will all use. That could be even worse. But…

Ok, back to resumes. You read and can be transfixed by what a candidate writes as matched your need. Great, but that was their goal. Which is harder. Do a great job at work over 5 years, or just write that in your resume?

What Use is a Resume? It is Useful to Candidates to Caste a Spell

A resume is a biased document that could be deeply biased, and thus resumes are problematic. Many hiring managers say they should be perfect, or it is not a perfect hire. Then, of course, resumes become a perfect lie.

Rather than take resumes for gospel truth, we should view them as the biased document they are. We must reach farther to find that right something to check if they are too biased. To just take them as they are would be a kind of folly. We at SHI Group could not bear doing this folly. First, it was my thought as a General Manager (see video) , then my commitment when I opened the doors to protect others and make sure they got the best as well.

It is amazing what real data (See other video) will do. I am not sure why others did not follow us.  I guess it is too much work actually. Without my firm commitment, we never would have done it either, but having done it, we could never turn back.


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