Would You Hire Lebron James?

hire lebron jamesLebron James is about to pass Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all time NBA scoring record. Talking about these two, the writer saw that it was their teachability and good people they learned from that were key common links. See how this article saw teachability is so valuable. It is a reason we would recommend to hire Lebron James.

Talent and dedication take many athletes far, but what enables people, regardless of the profession, to have distinct edges over competition comes down to the great teachers they’ve learned from.

Teachability made them the best. We have found it true. Let me explain.

SHI Group always ask candidates who they learned a key skill from. We also get that leaders name. We do that as see in it a special secret to greatness.

Within this thought on teachability, we also note how people talk about the people who trained them. Great hires can see value in others and not just themselves. They have thankfulness that works with their teachability. These traits carry managers far and are not so common.

Lebron texted his high school librarian when he got to 38,000 points. See what Barbara Wood said.

“He was actually a pretty good student,” Wood told NPR. “He was polite, well-mannered and I knew nothing about him except he really wanted to get his work done. I think he used that time as an escape.”

Lebron shows that he is not an island. He is not above a high school librarian.  We would have recommended either of these guys, after a thorough background check, based on what can be found of their character with an emphasis on teachability and its partner thankfulness.

Would you want to work for a person like this? We find that they make great leaders and great team players.

Character is not grown in a day and not gained through training. It is the product a thousand choices and actions that say yes or no to certain things again and again.

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